That's strange, I just tested the code again, and it worked for me.

One thing we can do is try it in piecemeal:

Here is a sample that just scrapes the total ESG score for Microsoft:

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

import pandas as pd

import requests

import ipywidgets as widgets

from ipywidgets import interact

web_data = requests.get('').text

soup = BeautifulSoup(web_data, 'html.parser')

esg_score = soup.find('div', {'class':'Fz(36px) Fw(600) D(ib) Mend(5px)'})


Try testing that out. It should output an ESG score of 16.

Stumbled into a data-centric role several years ago and have not looked back! Passionate about leveraging technology to uncover answers and improve the world.

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